Monday, November 12, 2012

Conference Week

We did 40 conferences ... 40 ... forty ... foooorrrrrty ... did you get that we did 40? In one week and 2 days, btw.

Now did we have to do 40? No. But, as with everything we do, we had some good reasons, okay!

1) We both are their teachers and we wanted to make a clear statement about that.
2) We both work with the children continuously throughout the day and we both had important things to share with the parents about their child and the growth they've made.
3) We wanted to meet and talk to all 80 of our parents since we haven't had the opportunity to have extended one-on-one conversations with most of them.

It actually wasn't as bad as it sounds. We split up the talking time and it was fun to do it together so the time went quickly. But don't get us wrong, we sure were happy to have a 3-day weekend. In fact, this is how we felt after our last conference on Friday:

Happy Veteran's Day! (P.S. Kristie judged me for color-coding this but doesn't it look more festive this way. So unpatriotic, tsk tsk!)

From the limb,

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