Monday, June 24, 2013

We're B-AAAA-CK (and we're sorry we left, too)

Hello Everyone,

Happy summer!!! We have been out for a few weeks now and are finally getting our heads back together after our whirlwind year. We want to start by apologizing for beginning our amazing blog, making you fall in love with us, and then ... poof ... vanishing ... no word, not even a post-it note break-up ... just gone! We began this blog with the best of intentions and then we became completely swept up in the reality of running our classroom and we just plum ran out of time and creative energy to invest in our blog. And we feel really bad about it ...

Guity face
Sheepish face

But you can't change the past, you can only move forward so we are going to try again and hopefully this time, now that we've passed the "this is my first year teaching this way" hurdle, we are optimistic that we will have more time and mental energy to invest in this baby - our blog.

The reason we actually started this blog was as a tool to support our reflection and share our experiences teaching in a collaborative classroom together. While we did not end up sharing out most of our reflections via this blog, we still engaged in the process continuously throughout the year so we thought we'd take this wonderful gift of summer vacation to do a little post-mortem (sorry for the morbid terminology, but it's really the most accurate word for it) of our school year and share what we learned, even though it will not be in real time.

Besides summer is really the best time for reflection and planning for next year, so really you might say we planned it this way. Yes, that's what we'll say ... we planned it this way ... yeah, that seems just right.

From the limb,

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