Friday, August 30, 2013

Levity from the Limb #2

So we're having a bit of a weird calendar this year because our school is being remodeled and we are just going back to work for our teacher workdays next week. The kids aren't even coming until September 9th. It's soooo weird; usually we'd be into our third or fourth week of school by then. We like to imagine that we are teaching in the olden days and all of our students are out tending to their fields or something rustic like that ... Anyway, it has been strange having such a late start to the year but we have been following our normal routine of putting a few hours into our classroom here and there over the last few weeks so that it's not a huge stressful rush at the end of the summer (Our room wasn't getting remodeled so we were lucky enough to be able to access it over the summer). We've been working on all the super important things ... you know ... 
  • Hanging up new border
  • Refreshing the paper on the walls
  • Reorganizing supplies
  • Organizing the library
  • Looking through our sticker collection (Yeah, that was actually Kristie and Kristin had plenty to say about that use of time, thank you very much!)
Even though it's not super fun to start working over the summer, our feelings about it are pretty much summed up through this ecard:

Anyone else feel this way?
Anyway, while we were working on hanging some border, we had a funny moment and we thought we'd share in true Two On a Limb comic style, so enjoy!

Kristin was okay and we had a good, long laugh over the irony.

So best of luck to those who are just gearing up for the new school year and keep on keeping on to our dear friends who are already back in the trenches. Happy new school year!

From the limb,

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