Friday, May 11, 2012

40 is the new 20

Yesterday Kristie was rolling through the office when she spied a towering, uh ... tower of boxes from Office Depot. 
"Whose boxes are those?" she snorted to some colleagues, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder at the ridiculous pile. 

"I don't know," they replied, "but those are a lot of boxes!"

"Yeah, who would order that much stuff? Jeez!!!" Kristie stalked over to the boxes to take a look at the fools who would order this much stuff.

This is what she saw:
This was her reaction:
Kristie eyes the boxes holding our classroom supply order
While ordering our supplies for next year, we were continuously boggled by the sheer quantity of supplies we were ordering. 40 Word Study notebooks ... 90 zip pouches ... 120 binders, oh my!!! It's natural to focus on the number forty when considering our upcoming work, to think that all we're are doing is essentially doubling everything. But then Kristie pointed out ...
40 smiles everyday
40 minds to mold
40 hugs
40 families to share this experience
40 "I love you, Ms. B and Ms. H"
40 lives to touch

When you think about it that way, the towering pile of supplies becomes a towering pile of possibilities and new beginnings. 

Now, where are we going to put all of these boxes?!?

From the limb,

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