Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lessons from the Limb #1: The Devil is in the Details

When deciding to collaborate together in a single classroom next year, we knew that we would need to align ourselves carefully in terms of educational philosophy and pedagogy. Seems like a daunting task, but in fact, that proved to be surprisingly simple compared to aligning ourselves on the nitpicky details of running a classroom. You see, we all have things we like to be just so. "I like to arrange my folders this way" or "I like my markers to be lined up in rainbow order". Even the most laid back teachers have partialities, and there is no way that either one of us remotely falls into the category of "laid back" teachers. We like to think of ourselves more as delightfully and charmingly anal-retentive. We knew this about each other and thought to ourselves, "She likes things just so. I like things just so. This is will work!" Ah, but herein lies the rub ... this is what ensued ...

Do you see now? Just because we each like things "just so" does not mean we like things the same way. Oh no ... no ... no ... no ... no, my friends. So what's a fledgling partnership to do? Well that brings us to our recommended FLY AWAY from our first lesson. It's a simple phrase, really. It goes like this:

"Well ... you can take point on that then ..."

TRANSLATION: "I think you're crazy but for the sake our partnership I will let you be crazy as long as I don't have to participate."

Problem solved ... for the moment.

Now about those glue sticks ...

From the limb,

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